System-readable signal from Eraser that it's done?


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Simple version of the question first:

Is there some sort of flag, system variable, DOS environment variable - something - that Eraser changes when it's finished with a particular task or all tasks?


I want to be able to Erase the free space on shutdown (or maybe some other Eraser tasks). I've looked around here and apparently that's not currently an option, and the reason is because Windows won't let Eraser hold up the shutdown process.

I'm not a coder or anything, but I can find my way around AutoHotKey pretty well. And I figured I could write a little executable that would Run Eraser, wait for an "all done" signal from Eraser, and then send a "shutdown" command to the computer.

That way, at the end of the day, instead of shutting down, I could just trigger that program and accomplish what I need. (Also, if/when I restart, I'm not waiting for a free-space-erase every time.)

AutoHotKey has a "RunWait" command, but I'd be more comfortable if there was some sort of check on the "finished" status.