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I've noticed that erasing unused space includes your system restore files. This is not good obviously, so could you have eraser ignore those files in the next release?

Eraser cleared up 20 gigs for me the first time I ran it. Nice job 8)
Did you check to see if all the restore points are still there? What version of Eraser? Under what operating system? What are your settings? Part of Erasing freespace is cleaning cluster tips on Restore points. Eraser Does not eraser restore points unless it is configured to.
I'm using Eraser 5.7

Every Time I run the Unused diskspace, there are no restore points at all, except for the one windows makes after the task finishes. Unused diskspace is set to the default settings... I think.

windows xp home edition with sp2

4 Peudorandom Data 1 pass

free diskspace (checked)
cluster tip area (checked)
directory entries (checked)

I've tested this on 2 computer now. one might have different settings, but they both dont have restore points after I run the unused diskspace
I also have windows xp home edition with sp2. Make sure slow polling is unchecked in Edit/Preferences/General, see if that makes a difference. You might have to do a delete and reinstall. Before reinstallation do a search of HD to make sure all files are gone also do a search of the registry, start/run/regedit/edit/find. Where it says find put "Hiedi"and click find next, delete the folder. Repeat till you find nothing. Bring up the find box, type eraser it will bring up every single refference to eraser so look at what folder the value comes from and the name of the value itself you don't want to delete the wrong value that could messup your computer too. Do it till you find nothing. Generally use every HD cleaner to clean out every last reference to eraser, then you can reinstall Eraser 5.7
I was under the impression that running a freespace wipe with Eraser caused System Restore to be turned off when disk space runs low. As I always turn off SR before a freespace wipe, I've never had to test this.

I know that Jetico's BC Wipe prompts the user to turn off System Restore prior to a free space wipe - so I just assumed that as the computer thinks freespace is getting low (when using Eraser), then System Restore would be turned off automatically. After all, as freespace falls to zero then so would the space available for SR to operate.

EDIT: my way of thinking is that this would be a feature within Windows in response to a perceived lack of freespace - the low disk space warning feature, rather than an action on the part of Eraser
Eraser 5.8 should not wipe the restore points.

Have you tried 5.8?

Also for the entropy polling I have made some changes. Have had no feed back on if it worked or not.

no I have not tried 5.8. but I will get it when it has been officially released. My friend had problems with 5.8, but he's got a crappy computer and was attempting to play morrowind at the same time as eraser was clearing unused diskspace... so I think it was his fault. but to be on the safe side, i'll wait till its released.

thanks for trying to fix it, I'll post again if 5.8 still erases it.
I have a question Can you copy restore points, so incase your regular restore points get wiped you can restore the damaged files?
I have downloaded 5.8 and eraser still wipes out restore points.

Perhaps windows uses all the data eraser destroys to create a restore point, and when windows detects that the data is not there is automatically removes the restore point.