System slow down after install


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Eraser 5.82 on XP SP 2 All hotfixes 3Ghz 3GB RAM 80GB HD

After installing Eraser, I found that the context menu was very slow to come up when I tried to work with files. Before installing, I would right-click on a file and the context menu would pop-up instantly, but after installing, it would take a good 10 seconds for the menu to appear. Does anyone know why this might be? Also, I noticed that the MS index service was running. I tend to turn that off when I build a machine (though I may have forgotten on this machine) so I was wondering if it is needed for eraser.


Turn off entropy polling under options. But first try to install the latest Beta and let me know if that is still as slow.


O/S = Win98 SE
Eraser = 5.82

I am experiencing the same context menu slowdown problem on Windows 98. I have been using Eraser since shortly after it was first written; I had the same problem on Win95 and with all previous versions of Eraser prior to ver. 5.82; basically, I just put up with the slowdown inasmuch as the ability to "erase" outweighed the context menu slowdown problem.

As to Win98 SE, any suggestions? I searched the registry for entropy polling and could not find it in the registry. Did Win 98 (SE) use another term for entropy polling? Or, alternatively, is there some analogous way to make a similar adjustment in Win98/Win98 SE?

Note: I disagree that the "system" slows down. Instead, the problem seems to be centered around the speed with which the context menu throws its display array subsequently to installing Eraser. Back in the Win 95 days, I spent some time poking around in the registry settings for Eraser to determine if it were loading an extraordinary amount of information, or the like, onto the context menu; for the What It's Worth Dept., I never found anything particularly unusual in he way Eraserext interacted with the context menu as opposed to other shell extensions.

Recently, I upgraded this particular machine to one GB of RAM. The context menu hesitates nevertheless the first time I right-click on any file for which Eraser is available; subsequently to the first "load up" in memory, however, the hesitation in the array throw of the context menu disappears. I will also note that, even when I was using Win 95 and far far less RAM, the hesitaton disappeared after the first use in a Windows session of the context menu, altough the initial hesitation was for a much longer time (almost 15 seconds sometimes) than it is with the extra RAM and the newer version of Eraser. Because, subsequently to the first use of the context menu, the context menu array ought to be loaded into RAM, and since the hesitation problem disappears upon second use of the context menu, I am tentatively concluding there is some slowness in initially getting whatever it is that Eraser needs to load loaded the first time. Might that be a problem in the MFC libraries? Or, does Eraser no longer use the MFC libraries (one used to have to download the extra libraries from the Eraser site in order to use the Eraser applet in the Win95 days)?

In any event, if you have any suggestions for us "trailing edge" technology types (I simply didn't like XP -- too bloated), I would greatly appreciate your sharing your thoughts here as to any possible adjustments to the system one might make to avoid the context menu hesitation problem.

Just be aware that the context menu hesitation problem has been around through several iterations of Eraser. Unfortunately, I have not a clue as to any useful suggestions to offer.