Task completed with errors


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I have installed Eraser 6.0.7 and all appears fine. When I attempt to erase a file I keep getting the message "Task completed with errors" and the file does not delete. Same for recycle bin attempts. I have read through the forums and cannot find something similar to assist. Can anyone help please.
Have you read the "Getting to know Eraser 6" post in the FAQ (link below)? That tells you how to look at the task log. Please tell us what it says; you can copy the key line and paste it into a message.

Okay more specifically - no matter what file or folder or anything else I attempt to erase I get the following message "XXXXXXXXX could not be erased because the file was either compressed, encrypted or a sparse file." The files are none of the above. A normal everyday word document or picture display the same message. Please advise what is going on.
First, for the avoidance of doubt, it is necessary to say that, in this context, a 'compressed' file is not a file produced by a compression program (.zip, .rar, .7z or whatever), but a file compressed by the NTFS file system, usually on a drive that has had compression enabled. That could be any file at all. Likewise, 'encrypted' means 'encrypted by the file system'.

Do you have compression or encryption enabled on the drive in question? If you do, Eraser will not erase any files marked as compressed or encrypted by the File System. This is a safety feature; Eraser 5 could corrupt such files when erasing others. Joel is currently working on low-level routines for the NTFS file system, so it is possible that he may be able to remove the restriction in future versions of Eraser.

If compression is not enabled, folders can still be marked as compressed, and Eraser 6.0.7. will not erase even uncompressed files within those folders. This is a bug, which is fixed in the development builds. So, if you are not actually using a compressed or encrypted drive, it might be worth trying a nightly build. These are not, officially, stable versions, but the build I am currently using (2241) is working pretty well on my machines.

Thankyou for your help. You were right - the error is because my files are set to compress automatically. I didn't realise that this was the case. Appreciate your advice.
Now that the problem has been identified I need some more advice please. This error message is also happening when I attempt to erase the recycle bin. I do not know how to change the settings of the recycle bin to allow eraser to operate. I looked under properties but there is no option for this. Also will any future builds be able to deal with this issue without individually unchecking the file compression box each time I want eraser to run?
Previous builds dealt with compressed files; but those were dangerous at best and caused file system corruption. Hence, the feature has been removed from v6.

You can prevent files from being compressed by unchecking the Compress this Drive to save disk space checkbox in the drive properties. Meanwhile, you can follow these instructopns to get over the recycle bin.