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I set a task to be run at restart and it completed successfully. My problem is it keeps running every time the computer restarts and even after is is complete. I am looking at the schedule screen and nothing is showing. How do I get this task deleted
Right-click the task, delete task.

I did right click and delete task that is why I was writing. Even after I right click and delete the task it shows up again on the next restart.
Right-click on the small Eraser icon in the System tray, and select Exit Eraser. Then find the Task list file Task List.ersx. The location of this will vary according to your Windows version, but it will be in the (hidden) Appdata, or Appdata\Local, subfolder of your user folder, in a folder called 'Eraser6'. Having found the file, delete it the re-start your computer. If the problem recurs, the next step is to remove your whole Eraser installation and start again. But start with the easy option.

that file was no where to be found so I am including a file for you to look at as I changed a setting which is highlighted and now the task is not running. I deleted the program and re-installed and the other scheduled tasks showed up again. I am adding both files


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The file is there; Eraser will not run without it. But there may be a simpler option.

Right-click on the task in the schedule, and select edit task. In the dialog that opens, change the task type to 'run manually'. Try again. If that doesn't work, exit Eraser as previously described, run Eraser as Administrator, and edit the task again. If that doesn't take, we're back to finding and deleting the task list. To give you an unambiguous path to the file, I'd need to know the Windows version, and the user name from which you are running the program.

you are not, by any chance, terminating the process are you?