Task Log says "File does not exist"


New Member
...therefore could not be erased. Am I done?! Do I need to try again?

I have a recovery folder left on a laptop harddrive, and the laptop is defective. I have removed the harddrive, put it in an enclosure and am trying to delete all the data on it via another computer (a laptop as well). I want to clean the hard drive before returning it and the defective laptop to HP. Thank you.

Mary Arnholt
Rather than try to trace the error, I suggest that you
  • quick format the target drive;
  • run a free space erase on it (remember to exit Eraser from the taskbar icon first, then re-run it as administrator;
  • (if desired) run a file recovery program on it to check that nothing of concern is recoverable.
With that done, your drive should be safe enough to return. No need to reinstall the system if the laptop is defective; let HP worry about that.