"Task not completed...."

Larry H. Gentry

New Member
I have re-installed ERASER but it continues to not complete tasks.
All other programs are exited.

I have set it to clean unused space on my hard discs (2) and it seems to go completely through the process. However the result is an "Erasing Report" that indicates that the: "Task was not completed."

It also shows in "Information" ...

Statistics Erased area = 71864 MB
Cluster tips = 1498 MB
Data written = 71864 MB
Write time = 12128.19s
Write speed = 6068 kB/s

In the "Failures" list it shows a lot of items ending with "could not prevent other programs from touching it" and other items ending in "[Protected File].

Is there anything I can do about this to make the program finish it's tasks?

Any assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.