Task on recycle bin


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I installed new eraser 5.86. I tried for a lot of time 5.7 version.... but 5.86 version is better.. I like it.
there is only a problem for the recicled bin. when I click with right push button of the mouse on the recycle bin i see a lot of erasing type
Erasing Recycle Bin (35 pass Gutmann)
Erasing Recycle Bin (7 pass Shneier)
With previous version there was only 1 erasing type... and i should decide the number of pass. May I have the same configuration with 5.86 version?
It looks like this isn't going to happen any time soon, there have been many requests for a nested context menu. There are two options:
1) Put up with it.
2) install the 5.87 beta and chose not to install the recycle bin context menus but you wont be able to securely erase the recycle bin.