Task Report Failures


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Dont know if anyone knows the answer to this but whenever i run a task report within statistics It shows the number of times i've run the application (processed) and the same number within possible failures - never successful. The application runs and closes but it does not show a finish report even though it's selected within general options. I'm running version 5.7 as newer versions wont install on my laptop

Any help would be appreciated :D

Windows Vista Basic

Then you should be able to run the latest version of Eraser. What problems do you have when trying to install later versions of Eraser ?

V6 is on its way which I believe will solve most if not all problems. :wink:
I cant get past the install, it crashes & bombs's out, no failure notice or anything like that. Tryed installing it a few times and always the same problem unfortunately

Please try to install it again, but remember to uninstall your previous version first. I would also suggest you download it again from here in case your download was corrupted.

The latest version is 5.86a. It has many bug fixes since 5.7
Could you elaborate on how the installer doesn't work? Which download did you use? (the official versions or my betas?)