task scheduler problem

Ed Keith

New Member
I am new to Eraser and attempting to schedule some tasks. I can setup the task, but when I try to set the time I can't change the time (12:00) that appears in the Scheduler-Task Properties-Schedule-At box. My OS is Win XP Home and I normally use DOpus instead of Windows Explorer for file handling . Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Same problem here, I can't schedule eraser jobs anymore. This is a brand new load, the only thing loaded in WinXP, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Eraser (I really like eraser, its #3 on the load list :wink: ).

This machine was loaded with a WinXP SP2 Slipstream, so it came SP2 out of the box rather than updated.

Seem to have answered my own question.

The 12:00 can not be deleted, or blanked, but you can over write it, but the first charecter must be a 0,1 or 2 (military time). try placing the curser at the far left of the 12:00, then typeing 0300 (for 03:00 am) for example.

Worked for me, and remained through a reboot.

Might want to be an FAQ entry, since the Scheduler Time text field doesn't behave as expected.