Task was not complete when trying to delete files


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When I am trying to delete certain files which are located on a NTFS network drive, I get the following error message:

Erasing Report
Task was not complelete
Erasing area = 0 bytes
Cluster tips = 0 bytes
Data Written = 0 bytes
Write time = 0.00s

1 Error : There was nothing to erase

I am using Windows 008 Server 64 bt witih Eraser 5.86.1 and trying to use the 7 passes when deleting files.

I am however able to delete these files from is im am using the delete function which is built into windows and i am login to server as my domain admin account.

the files that i am trying to delete are all about less then 20kb to the most 425kb
I';ve even tried deleting these files one by one and it didnt work.

any ideas on what i should change or try. All of my setting as set as default from the installation.
See if I got this right: you are erasing the file over a network drive mounted through Explorer?