Task won't cancel. Killed Eraser process, task is still there. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Eraser--task is still there


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I currently have the latest version of Eraser installed on Windows 11.

I selected a folder and instructed Eraser to erase it. After several minutes I checked and it had erased none of the files in that folder. On the task list the task was listed as running. After several more minutes, no progress had still been made.

I selected "cancel task" for that task, and it did not cancel.

After several minutes, I went to the Windows task manager and selected "end task" for the Eraser process.

I then ran Eraser, and the stuck task was still listed, as running. But not actually erasing anything.

I then uninstalled Eraser. I downloaded the latest version (I do not know what version I was using exactly before but it was recent). I installed the latest version of Eraser. I opened Eraser--and the task is still showing up in its task list, running, but making no progress on erasing anything, and unable to be cancelled.

Any idea what I should do to get this task off of Eraser's task list?