Tasks completed with errors??


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I have downloaded and install on my netbook with Seven starter Eraser 6.0.8.

When I try to empty recycle bin with eraser (right button on icon->eraser->erase)
I see an error message in erase schedule:

"complete with errors"

in log viewer I read:

"... Error The file F:\$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-3864258034-853713839-1971349054-1001\$RAN2XHZ.bin could not be erased because the file's permissions prevent access to the file".

What does it mean exactly and what I can do?

Is it important or not?

Is the operation successful however?


ps: sorry for my english :oops:
Please link to the FAQ from my signature and read the topic 'Getting know Eraser 6'. This tells you how to run Eraser as Administrator, which you need to do if an erasing tasks throws up permissions issues.

May I ask what drive F: is? Is it an ordinary, USB connected hard drive?