Tempspace wipe problem


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I am running a scheduled freespace wipe (Eraser 6.0.8 ) on my temporary partition. However I have found that certain running processes, not surprisingly, react badly to running out of temporary space. I am trying to develope a method of gracefully shutting the problematic processes down before the wipe and restarting them afterwards. I cannot figure out a way of doing this with a single (or similar) script.
I would like a method that does:
[Stop processes]
[Run Eraser task]
[Restart processes]

The first two I can get easily, but I can't figure out how to trigger the restart after Eraser finishes. As an ugly hack I simply schedule the restart after a certain amount of time, but that is inelegant, wastes time and on occasion Eraser takes significantly longer than usual and the timings conflict.

Unfortunately this is not going to be easy. You'll probably have to wait for 6.2 to make running tasks via CLI possible, then schedule all as a batch file (the Eraser task can be left to run manually.)
That's what I figured, but thought I'd ask anyway. I don't suppose there's any method of externally detecting if an Eraser task is still running. The contents of the partition are fairly consistent since everything is in subfolders, so I suppose I could check the existance of a directory other than the usual...
Thanks anyway!