the confirm dialog box like version 5.8?


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hi, I used to use the old version 5.8 of Eraser, when I try to eraser a file or unused space of a disk from the right click menu, there was a popup dialog box which allow user to choose the erase method like DoD-35 / DoD-7 / random-1, so for different type/size of files I could choose different ways to erase them.
This time I tried the latest version 6.0.x, this step is changed, when I selected a task in the right click menu, it ran immediately with the default method. Is there an option to use the procedure above in the new version?
william070707 said:
Please get in touch with the technical support team,they will assist you :mrgreen:
The technical support team is Joel - and those of the rest of us who want to help.

Eraser 6 was designed round the idea that it should 'just work' with the minimum amount of user intervention. Unless 6.0.9 has changed things (I haven't yet got round to confirming this), version 6.0 has no confirmation dialog on context menu erasing. However, the 6.1 beta builds (the most recent published build still seems to be do have a confirmation dialog on context menu erasing, and this includes a button which takes you to the task schedule so you can create a task using your preferred erasing method.

I believe that it is now widely accepted that, with modern hard drives, the erasing method chosen is a much less critical factor in effective erasing than was once thought.

Thank you for your reply, DavidHB,
The reason I prefer a selection after I set a task of erasing is that different methods means different time. when I just need to erase a private but little sensitive files such as some home video, I could choose to erase it for 3 times so that it would be quick; when I need to erase a confidential documents I would choose the DoD-35 method to make it more secure.

I hope the developers could offer an option of use or not use this dialogue in the future versions of Eraser so that different user could choose direct and no interrupt way or easily adjustable way. Thank you!
Forgive me if this seems discourteous, but the distinction you make is quite unnecessary.

Peter Gutmann long ago said that his 35 pass method was overkill for any one drive, and more recent research (which as far as I know has not been challenged) clearly indicates that even a single pass overwrite effectively erases data on a modern (spinning/magnetic) hard drive. There is therefore no practical reason why a user should not stick with a single overwriting method.

I tend to use HMG 3 pass overwriting for files and 1 pass for free space erase (the fact that it is all zeroes conceals the overwriting better than the default 'encrypted' method).

The situation is different with SSDs and flash drives because their wear levelling mechanisms redirect (and therefore nullify) the overwrite. Eraser is useless with these drives (except for doing a free space erase).

Yes, this has been implemented in the 6.2 branch. But there are other things which must go into 6.2 before a beta can be released.

I am also of the opinion that users shouldn't require tinkering with settings at every erase; it wastes time and as David pointed out, provides no measurable increase in security.