The embedded 32 and 64 installers, eraser5.8.8


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I´m sorry,I tried a search and read the FAQ, it didn´t enlighten me.

The 32 and 64 bit installers are both embedded in the Eraser install program, 5.8.8 in this case, but I see that on my win7-64bit system the 32bit version is optionable and is called WoW.

1. What does WoW mean?

2. What difference does it make if I in my case skip the 32bit files, or install them with the obligatory 64bit?
1. WoW64 is the emulator in 64 bit Windows which allows you to run 32 bit applications. I don't know what WoW stands for, though something in the back of my memory suggests that it may be 'Windows on Windows'.

2. Eraser 5.8.8 is no longer supported and I don't have an install file to test, but I expect that you could use a program such as 7-ZIP to extract the 32 bit (x86) installer (.msi) file, and run that separately. But I can think of no reason to do this. From memory, I do not think that there are any functional differences between the two programs, but I would expect the 64 bit version to run faster on a machine with a reasonable amount of RAM. Also, so far as I recall, the installer checks which OS you have and installs the correct version, so it 'skips' the 32 bit version of its own accord. That is certainly what happens with Eraser 6.

and 3. Eraser 6 is now the supported version; its interface is quite different from that of Eraser 5 but IMO integrates better with the way Windows 7 works. It cannot, unfortunately, co-exist with Eraser 5, which has to be uninstalled before it can be installed, and there is a learning curve. But, if you use the link in my signature, and read the 'sticky' FAQ posts, the transition should be reasonably smooth.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Concerning 2. both 32 and 64 bit are checked, so the default full installation installs them both. 64 bit is greyed out however, so it can´t be unticked, but I can choose to not install the 32 bit at the same time.

So there are two options, 64 bit alone, or 64 bit with 32 bit (default). There my question is what advantages there could be to choose the 32 bit as well (which I did)?

I can´t post a screen shot since the installer doesn´t allow me to run it, not even to the options sceen, if eraser is installed already.

Concerning v6, I´ve tried it, felt very far away from home, and I went back to 5.8.8. I like the no thrills boring windows interface of the old one. I missed some functions as well, maybe the righttclick, was a while ago. But I´ll give it another try on my backup computer.
Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit.

There is really no need to install the 32-bit version on a 64-bit OS. The reason the option was given is because some users may be using a 32-bit file manager and the 64-bit Eraser shell extension won't load in a 32-bit file manager.

Eraser 6 dispenses with this altogether; I think it is rather hard to test all file managers and get Eraser's shell extension to play nice with all of them... so using the Eraser shell extension with any file manager other than Explorer will be left to be an undocumented and unsupported scenario.