The Eraser 5.x feature request thread


Being a big fan of eraser I would like to see it progress. While it is almost complete for the purpose it was intended (erasing files) there are a few things I'm sure could be added.

Personally I would rather see it shy away from becoming a system clean up tool like ccleaner, but giving the ablity to users to do similar via scheduled tasks is ok

- Better wildcard support in scheduled tasks

given the directories

I would like to be able to delete all 3 "directory1" with one scheduled task entry

Add support for wildcardss anywhere in the path and not just at the end
eg: "c:\*\directory1"

Using the export of schduled tasks we could create a repository of known files to delete that people unsure of what they should delete to remove private files
firefox cache - which uses random directory names)
WinXP temp Dir c:\Documents & Settings\<user>\Local Setting\temp\*
Thanks Garrett, is there any place where we can get a list of planned features?

One other possible feature for the list. It would be great to be able to specify the wipe pattern on a per scheduled task basis


Monday: wipe c: with 1 pass pseudo random
Friday: wipe c: with 35 pass Gutmann method.
Portable Eraser

The ability to install eraser on a memory key. Either similar set up to the portableApps "standard" or the TrueCrypt traveler disk mode