The Fastest Way To Recover Deleted Photos Of Your Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

Iris Cheng

When you get along with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will inevitably quarrel. Sometimes when you get angry, you will even delete all the precious photos of him or her from your mobile phone. But when you reconcile, you will regret the foolish actions you have done.

If you want to know how to quickly restore deleted photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend, here's a tool recommended for you. It's Gihosoft Android Data Recovery software. With it, you can recover multiple types of deleted data from your phone, including photos, videos, music, chat history, messages, contacts, etc. The following are the specific steps of how to recover deleted photos of your boyfriend or girlfriend from your phone:

1. First: Download and install Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery Software.
2. Second: After launching the software, click on Gallery under the Multimedia section.
3. Third: Once you have selected Gallery and clicked on Next, Connect your phone to the computer via a USB Cable.
4. Fourth: Click on Start after connecting your phone, and Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery software will start scanning your phone.
5. Fifth: After finishing the scan, start selecting the deleted photos you want to recover, and then click on Recover, to recover deleted photos from the phone gallery.



If you are using Android phone, you need to use Android Data Recovery. It can scan your Android phone and SD card deeply to find the deleted and lost photos and other data for you. You can preview the photos before recovering. Learn how to recover deleted photos from Android phone. Besides photos, you can also recover messages, videos, contacts, call logs, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files for you.


It's ture that we can use Android data recovery to help us recover deleted photos from Android phones. But if the deleted photos were overwritten by new data, it's possible to get them back.
there are some third party tools that can recover the lost photos from your system, pen drive or phone.
you can try them and find them online.