The first/last2k method in erasing options.


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I recently installed Eraser. As I do with all programs I read as much as I could find on the program. Searching this forum and reading other forums it seems that the first/last2k method in the erasing options can really do some damage to your HD. According to the sticky at the top of this forum and some other threads that option is removed from 5.82. Well I have down loaded and installed 5.82 from the home page of Eraser and that option is present in my version. I checked the help section and "about Eraser" and it says it's version 5.82 I know enough not to use that option but is it still supposed to be in the options?
It only caused a problem when erasing free space. using this option to Erase files is safe.

If you look at the erasing options on 5.82 you will see it is present under the Files tab but not the Unused disk space