The given key was not present....


Quick question (for a change) before I get some much needed sleep.

Can anyone tell me what the following means or why on earth it is happening. On logging in (to Win XP SP2+hf) I get eraser.exe ( popping up a cmd window that says the following:
The given Key was not present in dictionary.
...Press any key to continue...

This as you'd expect just sits there until you press a key after which point eraser loads to the system tray.
Can you check what's the command line passed to Eraser for startup? Go to msconfig and copy+paste the Eraser command line here.

Eraser is a 'hybrid' application; I've did some trickery to allow Eraser to run as both a console and as a GUI application - this decision is made based on whether the command line arguments are for console or for GUI apps, and Eraser decides what to run as. This error message is more correctly translated as "the command line arguments are incorrect"; key/values are how Eraser parses the command line arguments.