The older Erasers' bug affected my MFT...


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I once ran the older Eraser on an XP computer and it ran into the bug that's mentioned in the update page: it made over 700 thousand temp files and went on to make more until I stopped it and deleted all those files, but now the MFT on that computer seems to be filled with their names. :\ (E.g. when I run file erasers on it now I have to uncheck the MFT file/date/etc. wiping because if this option is on then it takes a whole day to do just this task, and without it the erasing takes only an hour)

Can something be done to get rid of all those obsolete entries in the MFT with some utility? Is it possible to "recreate" the MFT from the existing one but without the unneeded entries? Or is reformatting the drive the only way to do that? :(