The progress bars..




I'm currently erasing 120gig SATA drive, using Eraser v5.7, with gutmann method. It will take a few days, and I'm okay with that. I started it via the "On-Demand" option, added my drive, and started the erasing. In about half an hour, it has run in 24 hours. It has completed 30% then.. Or is it 32%..?? That's what confusing me here.

There are TWO progress bars. An upper one, which started at 0%, and a lower one (named "Total"), which started at 25%. After 24 hours, the upper one has moved 30%, but lower one only 7% (25-32). This means, that when the upper bar reaches 100%, the lower "Total" bar, will be at approx. 49%..

So what happens then? There is about 51% remaining on the total bar. I so DO NOT hope, that these will take 2-4 days as well. :shock: What is the remaining 51% then??

I could not find any explanation to this in the help file or the faq on the site. If someone know something about this, please do fill me in.

Thanks a lot, you guys! :wink:

I think if you are wiping free space and the top bar says it's close to 100% and the bottom around 50% when Eraser removes the temporary files and directories it creates during the wipe at the END of the free space wipe the bottom bar quickly progesses to 100%. I am not sure since I am not wiping free space now. I guess I can always update this post when I wipe free space again. Watch the end of the free space wipe and tell us what you learned.