the "relative security" of DBAN


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As expected, I have a few questions in regards to the "relative security of DBAN in its current beta release (in anticipation of it as v1.0.7).

First: concerning the PRNG options, is there any notable difference in regards to the level of security provided by using ISAAC over Mersenne? Or, is it negligible?

Second: it is now a widely-accepted belief that pseudorandom passes provide the most security in regards to wiping schemes. Per DBAN, 4 passes are regarded as sufficient for "medium security" needs, with 8 passes for "maximum security." Following the logic, will 12 passes provide an even higher level of security? Of course, "security" in this context meaning the least likelihood of recovering data remnants off a wiped HD.

Third: does the use of the "verify all passes" option actually increase the security of the wiping process versus a "write-only" process? Or, is it negligible?