This is starting to tick me off...


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I've been using Eraser 5.7 since I first discovered it off a website somewhere. It sounded promising, the way it was able to handle erasing data instead of deleting it, and the way it was able to wipe my hard disk drive clean of any old data. But every now and then I would run the program, and it would start to run wild. I'm trying to erase multiple files, then Eraser gets "stuck" erasing one of the files, so I try to stop it, and freezes up! And, at the same time, the file that Eraser was supposed to clean suddenly becomes huge!--sometimes huge enough to use up all the space on my hard drive! And when I stop it from Task Manager, the program closes, but it's entry is still up there and won't go away until some time passes. The same thing would start happening whenever I "Erase Recycle Bin".

Needless to say, there's been some compressed files on my hard drives, and most of the time I get errors that say "Error: Reached the end of file" & "Failed ..." if I'm trying to delete small files that might be compressed.

I'm using Windows XP Home Edition ... SP2
Now, I hope you find a patch for this problem because I'd hate to have to forcefully shut the program down each time it runs wild.

This often happens when I run these tasks through the Scheduler.