Tons of problems,please help ASAP.


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Ok...So I got Windows on my computer,and I wanted to whipe the slate clean,and start fresh.A friend recommends DBAN,I use it.It whipe 2 things (i think) Something like DC-234-3434 or w.e,and something just called Partition.It seemed to go smoothly,I went to take a nap while it was erasing so I didnt see the whole thing.But I came back it was done,booted and nothing booted,which means it erased it all.I then tried to intsall SuSE,I got errors while it was in the installation process,and mounting HD.So...I tried windows with my recover disk,I got bootsector errors as well.What is the problem? Did it ruin my HD? Did it ruin other devices in my computer,motherboard or RAM or anything? I am paranoid,I know.But I want assurance on what I am to do.Please help.Thanks in advanced.

EDIT:I also want to add,after the whipe,my computer seems to be making a noise,its weird. :cry: