Total non function


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I had v6.2 installed. I found that the option in the context menu of the recycle bin to erase its contents with Eraser was no longer functioning, and so I installed v6.0.10.2620. The same option still does not function, and also I find that if I try to open eraser, I get the message that eraser has encountered a problem and need to close. Any idea what is wrong here?
You need to uninstall and then manually delete any eraser dll's and files, then delete registry entries as well. Finally reinstall.

Hopefully that should fix the issue,
Thank you for your suggestion.

I had already done as you suggested before installing v6.0.10.2620, in view of the problems I had recently encountered with version 6.2. I am afraid that repeating the process by following your recommendation has produced no better result.