TRAC will not send new password


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Sorry to post this here, but I can't get TRAC to send me a new password. Suggestions? (I need to report a bug.)
Joel will not be pleased to read this. He and Garrett have spent hours trying to deal with this issue ...

I wouldn't normally suggest this, but version 6.0.8. is on the point of release. Please could you post details of your bug here, so that Joel can be sure it is not relevant to the 6.0.8 release.

Please explain what you mean by not being able to get Trac to send a password. You can't find any UI? The UI says it sent but you didn't get any? What exactly?
I request a password reset from Trac. I supply my user id and my email address. Trac says it is sending the password reset, but nothing shows up in my email, inbox or spam.

To answer your 2nd question. I am trying to erase the "Recently Used" or "Recent Items" list. This is Vista 64-bit w/SP2. I am running in as Administrator user. I get the "You don't have permission to open this file" message. Doesn't matter if I run Eraser as administrator or not.
Please see the 'Getting to know Eraser 6' topic in the FAQ (link below), where there is a section on running Eraser as Administrator, and make sure that you follow the guidance there.

Permissions issues are a bore, but they are a function of the design of the Windows file system, and not (I believe) a bug as such.

David, I have another clue. I re-read the FAQs about all instances of Eraser must be stopped before launching using the "Run as Administrator" (even if you are an Administrator) function for Eraser.

I noticed that there was in instance of Eraser running under a UserID that was long since logged off. The Vista Task Manager showed only SYSTEM and my logged on ID. But there was as instance of Eraser still running under a UserID from which I had logged off several minutes in the past.

Perhaps this is a clue. I'll try the erasing of the Recently Used list again after cancelling this strange instance of Eraser via the Vista Task Manager.
David, I'm sorry to report that closing down the instance of Eraser running under a long since logged off UserID did not change the problem of the failure to erase the Recent Items due to authority problems.
Which specific file(s) are you trying to erase?

C:\Users\userid\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent Items

It is important to note that I don't want to erase the target of the Recent Items list, just the list itself. In Vista, you can 'clear' the list by right mousing on it from the Start Menu and clicking "Clear Recent Items List".

You could do this with eraserl from Eraser 5
You can add that folder direct using the Eraser UI to define a folder to erase. That shouldn't be an issue. If that works, then attention will be shifted to the Shell extension.