Trojans and virus...


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Hi, I'm kinda new to this DBAN thing, and just had a few quick questions...

1. Can DBAN remove torjans and viruses? (my PC has been infested by the and it keeps corrupting files and restarts automatically =s)

2. Is 4 rounds with PRNG sufficient to wipe my HD of these torjans and viruses?

Thanks for the help, in advance. =)
Opps, sorry for the double post, but I've seem to found one of my answers using the search function on the forum...

"It works everytime and is perfect for completly destroying data that is bad and making sure that nothing escapes. When your computer is in such bad shape from Adware, Spyware and Browser Hi-Jackers it is the perfect thing to use before you reformat and reinstall your OS. Just to be sure that nothing lives. It makes your brand new out the box clean."

That answers my trojan and virus question, and I think the admin said the default function is fine... So I guess PRNG with 4 rounds is sufficient :)

Thanks for creating an awesome and free program!