I am a computer ignoramus. Can anyone recommend me a download to rid my computer of Trojans and Backdoor Trojans, preferably free?
With thanks.
the two links above are for veary good programs but they are ment for and mainly go after spy ware.
you might want to d/l a trial verion of trojan hunter or tds or do google for trojin hunting programs. heres some links to online scans that will in most cases fined trojins and viruses if your onboard virus scanner gets knocked out by trojins or virises yes some do that.
free trojin scan
panda scan
housecall ... t_corp.asp
nrav av
virus scan
avast cleaning tool
mcafee avert stinger
scans for open trojin ports
test my sheilds grc
dsl port scan
pest patrol scan mediocre
security scan ... 6f283c63b7
allso once trojin is found and you know exactly what file its in i have in safe mode used eraser to delete it over wrote it 35 times. nothing else would delete it.
I posted the spyware info links, because there are many forms of spyware that either 'invite' or 'leave the door open' to Trojans / viruses/ and other nastyies. A form of ‘locking the door before the horses escape’.