trouble booting after using eraser



I posted yesterday about trouble I'm having booting windows after using eraser, but terminating the program before it had finished running, and then uninstalling the program. I believe the problem may be the lingering temporary file that eraser creates - ~erafswd.tmp - but unforunately the recommended fix (to use the deltree command to delete it) won't work on the version of msdos I'm running. Apparently only some versions of msdos support the deltree command, and others (including some more recent versions of windows) do not. The recommended alternative command is rmdir, but I'm unsure if I should go ahead and use it. Any suggestions?
To remove this temp folder plus files:

1. At the DOS prompt C:\ type

2. MAKE SURE YOU ARE positioned inside that Directory as follows:
Now type Del *.*

3. Now type CD\ to get back to the root directory
and type rmdir ~ERAFSWD.TMP