Trying to wipe HD but no luck with DBAN floppy...



Hello, I want to completly wipe out a hard drive on an old computer.

I created a Nuke floppy to wipe an old Maxtor hard drive on a Pent. mmx 166 mhz machine. When I load the floppy at startup it says it's loading a couple kernels, then it says opening a Kernel, then, it says DBAN finished-press enter to write log to file or floppy and just sits there. This all happens with in a mattter of 3-5 minutes. The hard drive is around 20Gig, divided up into 2Gig parts. Now, I can still use the computer-it's not wiped and my bios sees the whole hard drive. So then I put in a MAxBlast floppy to try and repartion and even maybe write 0's to the drive...Maxblast doesn't see a hard drive installed. Yet the bios and computer work. Any thoughts to this??

I downloaded Eraser off this website just the other day and used it to create the DBAN floppy.

Thank you,
I keep getting a "segmentation fault" now. It repeats itself over and over about 15-20 times. Then it says DBAN finished. The drive has ez-bios on it. It was first partitioned into 2gb drives but I was finally able to fdisk it and make one 15gb drive. It is not a 20GB as I thought it was. Does this tell anybody anything?

Could I also have a slightly bad floppy?

Thank you