Two different download pages?


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What is the difference (if any) between, the page at Heidi Computers that you get to by clicking on the "Eraser" image or name on the right 2/3 of the Heidi homepage, and, the page that you get to by clicking the name "Eraser" under the Product list at the left of the Heidi homepage? Both have essentially the same descriptions, and both send you to sourceforge for downloading.

Why are there two different pages?

Why does one of them suggest that 5.86a will work with Windows 98/ME/NT, while the other says you should download 5.7 for those OSes?

Thanks for clarifying.
Hi mfishman

Eraser and the Eraser website are in a transitional phase. The first of your links takes you to the old Eraser site and the second takes you to the new site.

Eraser V5 latest version is here.

Eraser V6 (Still being tested) is here.