unable to create nuke boot disk


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I placed a good floppy in my new pc (xp). I tested the floppy by copying files deleting etc to make sure it was working properly. After installing Eraser 5.7 I placed floppy in drive a: and clicked on create nuke boot disk. I received the following error:
'Floppy cant be acceded. Check another application dont use it.' (Someone should correct the grammar on that too)
A virus scanner might be blocking the floppy drive.

Use WinImage to create the boot media. Check the DBAN readme file for a link.
No, AV programs are not the reason. I disabled both of my AV programs Norton and AVG and I still have the same problem. I am already using WinImage to create boot media. When I click on Create Nuke Boot Disk up pops the box WinImage Self Extractor. That is also where I have Writing on Floppy and Formatting checked.