Unable to delete Eraser task.


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Hello All,

I am running Eraser on a Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP3 PC. My problem is that I can cancel a task but I cannot delete it from Eraser. What happens is that the status remains queued instead of disappearing from the the Eraser task box. Any other task that I wish to run remains queued. I've uninstalled Eraser and even removed it from the registry, done a reinstall and rebooted the pc. When I reinstall the same version of Eraser, and then launch the app, I see the task that I originally tried to delete reappear and queued. I also notice that I if I use Task Manager to end Eraser, the Eraser icon will disappear from the notification area, but not from the process list in Task Manager.

The reason all this started is because I saw NTUSER.DAT file in my profile under C:\Documents and Settings and thought it was a bogus file, which it isn't. The file is protected and necessary since it's a registry file that I want to keep.

Please advise.

Thank You.
This would be a deeper problem that Eraser itself; I think you may have to recreate your user account. The registry is obviously acting weird here, so its not unexpected if Eraser (and other programs) start acting weird as a consequence of that.

However, if it is of any help, you may be able to delete the Task List (Local App Data\Eraser\Task List.ersx) and Eraser should have no tasks when you next start it. Exiting Eraser saves the task list, so terminating Eraser will not save any changes made to the task list (including deleting tasks)