Unable to erase unused space


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Seems this has been asked before but I couldn't see a valid answer. I'm using Windows 7 with the Eraser 6.0.6 which I just downloaded.
When I click on C drive, I click ' erase unused space ' , nothing happens.Immediately I go to the Eraser Window, and it says C:/ not queued, completed with error.
I thought this was suppose to be easy.
Thanks for any help.
If you are using build 1376, particularly under Windows 7, try downloading a recent nightly build (the latest, r1884, is as good as any), and see if that works. If you are wiping free space on the C:, I'd untick the option to erase cluster tips on the first run; it seems to fall foul of all sorts of 'access denied' issues, particularly on the system drive. For most people, the loss of security in not erasing cluster tips is probably not a huge diminution of security.