Unable to install Eraser or KillDisk


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I am trying to remove all personal data from my computer and I am getting very frustrated. I downloaded both Eraser and the killdisk and when I try to open the setup application instead of that happening my computer opens to a screen that flashes
Imaging for Windows kodak
and the opens a screen that says Imaging in the top Left corner and a box pops up that says
The documents format is invalid or not supported

Why is this happening? Why is the set-up not opening? The files say the correct thing - altho the icon is the imaging icon. Have I deleted something I needed? I have deleted some of my files already - but nothing that should have caused this problem - only uninstalled Wordperfect and Citation, etc.

I want to donate the old computer and want to feel safe doing so - it is refusing to boot off of a floppy - maybe because it will not shut down properly? This is a Dell Dimension w/