Unable to see mapped network drive when selecting Unused disk space Target Type

Kent Wilke

New Member
I have a NAS drive mapped to E: and wish to wipe the Unused disk space. When creating a new task and selecting the Unused Disk Space drop down in the Data to Erase dialogue box, only the C: drive is able to be seen. The version of Eraser being used is and it is running on a Windows 10 Pro laptop.

In the Selecting Data to Erase section of the documentation it states that; Starting from Eraser 6.1, mounted network drives (with a drive letter) are also displayed in the drop-down list, allowing the unused space erasure of network drives.

Is there something I missed?
The NAS will not act as a standard file storage. Erasing freespace may not guarantee you erase the data on all individual disks in the NAS array. Your best option is to use something like truecrypt/veracryprt on the NAS as a container and erase that.

What happens if you reboot - is the mapping permanent?
The mapping is permanent. Had not thought of bringing an encryption tool into the mix. That sounds like a workable solution and I am looking forward to giving a try over the next week or so. The NAS is sizable and the process will likely take quite awhile. Thanks for the suggestion!