Unexpected dialogue on boot


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After running an old (5 something) version for years I finally updated to 6.07. Now when bootig the pc I get what looks like a DOS command box which reads:
Unknown action - hide
Please enter to continue

Is it possible to stop Eraser from running at startup?
northridge said:
Is it possible to stop Eraser from running at startup?
Not at present. Please read the FAQ post on Eraser architecture for the explanation.

I'm afraid I don't know what the 'DOS box' is about; I haven't seen anything like that on my machines. Which OS are you running?

Thanks for the screenshot; it makes me think that traces of the old Eraser installation may still be present. '-Hide' is not an Eraser 6 command line option.

Did you install Version 6 without uninstalling Version 5 first? If so, stop Version 6 (right-click on the system tray icon and select 'Exit Eraser), then uninstall any version of Eraser listed in Control Panel|Add/Remove Programs, and ideally delete the install folder and run a registry cleaner to remove remaining traces. Then re-install Eraser 6.0.7.

I agree with David's diagnosis and resolution.
We're talking computers; there is no 'of course' :) . But I'm glad it's fixed.