Unknown Action msg when Vista boots


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I am running the latest version of Eraser ( 15 Dec 2009) on a Dell Laptop running Vista Home Premium SP2. When the laptop boots up and Vista displays I get a dos style box open showing the message:

Unknown Action: -hide

Press Enter to continue . . .

It is a little irritating having to press 'Enter' everytime. I upgraded from v5 to v6 and followed the instructions, I thought, but have I missed something? Please advise.


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Yes, you'll need to uninstall v5 and repair the installation of v6 after that's done.


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I'm using Windows XP Professsional.

I have this problem. I tried to uninstall 5.8.7 and install 6.0.8. Its ok for admin account, with no errors. But for user,limited account, the same error occurred.

I have tried to uninstalled 5.8.7, remove folder from Program Files, still same error.

Unknown action: -hide

Press enter to continue . . .

Anyone can help?


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For some reason, Eraser 5 did not uninstall cleanly.

You need to uninstall Eraser 6, then search the Registry for any entries relating to Eraser (just use 'Eraser' as a search term). Delete anything that obviously relates to the Eraser installation. Then reinstall Eraser 6.



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It's possible you may have to remove the affected registry keys in every user logged into the system: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Remove all values with "[Program Files]\Eraser\eraser.exe -hide" in the value column.