Unusual Scenario


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Hi Good Day, this is the scenario

1. The company gave me a external hard disk for company use

2. I backup my personal files on this company hard disk, because I am organizing something on my personal external hard disk

3. I got terminated from the company and they want the hard disk back

4. So I used the eraser software to delete all of my files on that company external hard disk and it took me 3 days continuous to delete it all.

Here is the problem I created a folder inside the company external hard disk named "anti virus" and its not about anti virus I just named it like that, I back up all of my files on that folder inside companies external hard disk, but I copied an important folder outside of the folder named "anti virus", so what I did is to move this important folder inside the "anti virus" folder.

Now, I started deleting the files inside the "anti virus" folder using this incredible software. But my worries is can they still recover the important folder that I first copied outside of the folder named "anti virus" before moving it inside the folder named "anti virus"?

In my conclusion, i didn't delete it, I just move it inside the folder, then from there, I delete it all.

So nothing to worry?