URGENT: How does eraserl work in detail? (eraserl -disk d:)


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I am using eraser to erase the unused disk space on my hard drives c: and D: (command: eraserl -disk d:\)

I am surprised that the time erase needs for one hard drive is always the same.

e.g. I erase c:\ in 45 minutes
then I start the erase job immediately (!) again and it takes again 45 min. I would have expect it to be a lot faster because all the unused / deleted disk space was just overwritten with random numbers

What does it mean?
Does eraserl always erase all unused diskspace; even if I have erased it 5 minutes ago? I thought that only the part of the hard drive with "marked a s deleted" would be overwritten once and not always.

My initial idea was to use the erase daily when booting the computer to "erase" the c und D -drives. But at the moment it does not make sense to me because it looks as if i would overwrite the deleted data again and again.. Is this right?

Does anyone have details about this? Your help is really appreciated!
Thanks a lot !!!!
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. You overwrote the unused space with random data, but the space remains unused. If you then choose to overwrite the unused space again, it will again put random data in the unused space. The space didn't become used because you overwrote it. It isn't marked in any way by Eraser so it would know to skip it next time. Then it wouldn't be random data, would it? If the same amount of space is overwritten each time, then it will always take the same amount of time to do the job.