L. C. Kip

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I checked out Eraser and it worked well. However, not for me. Eraser creates some temporary files during processing while the file names changes constantly. I am using Backblaze as a remote backup. Backblaze automatically backs up all files on all PC drives, except files like .exe. The temporary files created by Eraser are automatically backed up while I don't nee that. If I want them excluded from backing up I have to create an 'exception' every time such file is created. Therefore I stopped using Eraser because it's too time consuming to make corrections to my backups. My question: why does Eraser cretae such files? Are they really nescessary during processing? Is it possible for Eraser developers to avoid this or create temporary files using a fixed file name? If it's a fixed file name I can create an exception for each drive which makes it easier for me.
Eraser does this to obfusticate the original name of the file, its part of the erasing process. Using Eraser with a system designed to backup immediately any changes makes it pointless using Eraser in the first place.