USB hard drive totally erased


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I've downloaded version 6.07 and installed it on my Windows 7 based PC. As a test I selected the USB hard drive attached to the PC and selected a folder that could be deleted.

Taking the choice to run Erasure now, I checked and the files seemed to be there still. I tried a couple more times selecting the same folder with the same result. At that point I gave up and had to carry on with the days work. That was on Thursday.

Today Sunday, I thought I would try again and went to the USB drive. On opening the drive, the first level folders were there but the entire data and folder structure beneath them has disappeared.

Either I'm doing something stupid or the software has a major glitch!

What can you suggest?
This is not something Eraser can do on its own (or we'd know about it by now!). My first thought is that the file system on the drive has issues. Try running the disk checking on the drive, with the option to fix errors set.