Use Eraser with Shortcut "Shift + Delete" possible ???


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The MS Windows standard shortkey "Shift + Delete" simply deletes files without putting them into the recycle bin.
I'd like to adjust the (Windows 7) Shortcut "Shift + Delete" to actually delete the file(s) with Eraser.

Is there an easy way to change the shortkey?
Or is there an option with the Eraser program that can be adjusted?

Thanks for your help.

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No, unfortunately not at this point in time. We've had tickets requesting similar functionality. I anticipate this to be fairly difficult and risky to accomplish as probably some system settings would have to be tweaked to allow this to occur.

thanks for your fast reply.

I thought it might be enough to open eraser and put files into queue.
But I understand your point.

Maybe another idea for the next release of eraser could be to add an additional shortcut to windows?

You can already drag and drop files into Eraser to erase them... if that's an alternative.