Used it, loved it.


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I used DBAN yesterday and everything went as smoothly as possible. I did read a lot on this forum to get a sense of potential problems but I experienced none of them. The only hiccup I had was the original download wouldn't fit on a floppy and I had to set everything up on a zip drive but it made a boot floppy just fine. It even worked around my Promise RAID setup without my having to break the mirror. However, there are three things you MUST have to use the program effectively. You MUST have patience. Consider every step carefully and be prepared to wait while everything runs. You MUST have backed up everything you want to keep for the future. And, you MUST have reinstallation software, drivers, etc. When your screen is telling you there are no hard drives found is not the time to remember that driver you downloaded last year and didn't save to back-up. Good luck. Thanks Darik.