Used up resources erasing entire drive & Erasing 1 file bug


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1) I'm not really sure if the subject is accurate but here is the problem. Whenever I schedule Eraser to erase unused disk space on my C:, it takes a long time so I usually do it overnight. When I get up in the morning I notice there's a bunch of problems in XP, most noteably missing text in title bars, on buttons, certain icons missing inside dialogs, etc. I have to reboot to put everything back to normal. Every version of Eraser I've used up to my current version 5.86.1 has exhibited this problem, and I was wondering if this is a known problem or if it has been fixed.

2) I know there was a known bug a while back regarding erasing only 1 file where Eraser would say the file was in use, but if you picked 2 files it would work fine. I seem to remember this bug being marked as fixed, but it seems to still exist... except when this happens now I can usually keep attempting an erase and after 3-4 attempts it finally works.
Problem 1: Yes it is a known problem and the only workaround is a reboot, unfortunately. It's some Windows internals and I don't seem to be able to figure out why except hypothesise it's causes...
Problem 2: I've never had such a problem, can you detail the steps to creating such a problem? Do you have any anti-virus applications running in the background?