User Account Control Problem


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I have a problem on Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit. When having User Account Control activated (default), erasing a shortcut from the Desktop via context menu was not possible (no permission). When deactivating User Account Control, erasing was possible. Unfortunatelly, deactivating User Account Control is a higher security threat than deleting my files without eraser.exe ;-)

Please improve User Account Control behaviour. You may for example ask for right-elevation when user clicks on "erase" in the context menu. Thanks.
Running Eraser as Administrator (after closing the running instance) should fix this problem (it does for me). Or, for a neater but technically more complex solution, you can use the Task Scheduler (credit to kurt for this advice).

Longer term (i.e for version 6.2), Joel's plan is to have the erasing engine run as a service rather than as a process. That is the best 'architectural' way round the difficulties created by UAC.

David is right -- while UAC is a real hurdle, there are workarounds (effective to various degrees), pick one which suits you best. IMO, while Kurt's workaround is powerful and does solve the problem, I see that as a potential security leak as then Eraser may become a vector to elevation of privilege attacks. In the same thread, my opinion is that elevation is necessary, and that we should still use it, but prompt when necessary; v5's architecture did not allow this, and while v6 is designed with such a problem in mind, the solution hasn't been complete yet.