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If you intend on reporting bugs with regards to the Nightly Builds, Betas or Release Candidates of Eraser, please join the Eraser Beta Testers user group.

To join the group, go to the User Control Panel, select the radio button beside Eraser Beta Testers, and in the drop-down list below select Join selected and click on Submit.

Thank you.

If you want people to do this (which is a good thing), it's best to explain how to apply. And (perhaps) allow moderators to deal with the applications when you are away from the forum.

Yup, amended above.
It's in the second sentence of my initial post?
Hi all of my friends i am new is this forum. i see that there have lots of user for that i am very happy. i hope that i get more useful information from this forum when i face any problem. thank you all of my friends.