using a floppy?



Hello Everyone: I am new at this so please be patient, i want to get rid of the data on my old pc so i can give it to someone, but i wanted the Harddrive erased as much as possible! Now i wanted to know if i download this Darik's Boot and Nuke 1.0.1 (Floppy version.) (CDR/CDRW version.) would that do the trick? Also can i download this to a floppy disc and take it to my old pc and use it? Please let me know and Thanks, Tom PS: i am using xp home edition for this and the old pc is 98SE
Boot and Nuke will erase your whole hard drive and all it's data. If you want to keep Windows installed on your PC download and install Eraser. Delete all your Temp, Temporary Interent Files, Cookies, History folders, and then restart your PC. Then run Scan Disk or Check Disk and use Eraser to wipe free space and cluster tips. Then defragment your PC and use Eraser to wipe free space (7-passes will do.) After this defragment your PC and use Eraser again to wipe free space (7-passes.) Then when you are finished just uninstall Eraser.