using autonuke on HP pavilion 80g hd


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Hi, new to the forum, have a HP pavilion with 512 ram, 80 gig hd, os got wiped out, dont know if it was a virus, computer problem, calls to hp's tech line couldnt get the thing booted, it wouldnt boot into safe mode or into the recovery partition, nothing. ordered the recovery discs, they wouldnt work. so in my haste and infinite wisdom decided to try an wipe the hd with dban and try to reinstall. the auto nuke has been going, lets see, it says runtime 21:31:48 right now, cpu time 1%, load averages 1.00 1.00 1.00, Throughput: 4175 KB/s, errors 0, DoD short, Rounds 1, in lower box (IDE 0,0,0,-,-,) SAMSUNG SP0892N, under that it says [81.10%, round 1 of 1, pass 3 of 3] [blanking] 4175 KB/s]

Guess what I want to know, and It seems from what Ive read from other threads, it does take some time, is this normal to take this long? Thanks for any replys, and thanks for the program. Jim.
64hours24minutes32seconds, 1433 KB/s throughput
[83.03%, round 1 of 1, pass 3 of 3] [blanking] [1433 KB/s]

guess its working, slow but working. :lol:
oh, very strong thunderstorms yesterday, and supposed to be this evening....if the power goes off, I'm gonna :cry:
If the power goes out and I have to start over, I'll use quick wipe. Im down to 1357. Thanks for the advice, Jim
:shock: power went out, oh well, give quick wipe a try........113 hours and its only 65% done! either something is wrong with the computer or.....Think its going to radio shack (thing is still under warranty, they are the only service center around for HP), let them deal with it.
I tried the beta, still no different, finally took it to radio shack. They told me what I suspected, but HP support kept saying no to, the HD is bad.